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You are your most valuable investment.

Life is chaotic, hectic and overwhelming. Daily we get caught up in the tribulations of life. Rarely does one take time for self healing. It is important to invest in Self. At Alternative Approach, you are important. Take a moment, invest in yourself, and indulge in a therapeutic service.

Therapeutic service can range from emotional therapy, for which a calming relaxation massage may suit you. It can be lower back pain or neck and shoulders, and a more physical type of bodywork may be required. Or, it could just be a moment that you spend on yourself.


All of these services are a part of our practice.

Hours of Relaxation are by appointment only.

We have two locations where we can facilitate your therapy - click here to learn more

As we are often fully booked, there are NO same day appointments

Therapeutic Massage

Picture credit to SERichard Photography

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