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Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is intended for relief of issues caused by muscular tension, knots, and adhesions. It is a spot treatment, as deep tissue for whole body cannot be effectively performed in a single session. Deep Tissue Massage realigns the deeper muscle fibers and connective tissues.

Unconscious muscular tension often decreases blood flow to certain areas and can inhibit healing while compressing nerves and tendons. This tension can also cause burning, numbness, tingling, and aching.


Common issues we address are:

- discomfort due to high areas of muscular tension

- chronic aches and pains

- headaches and cramps

- decreased range of motion

- low back pain

- sciatica

- tightness in calves and legs

- and more

As Deep Tissue Massage can be uncomfortable, communication during the session is critical and essential.

The therapist may use trigger point therapy, deep myofascial release, and heavy pressure to relieve your symptoms. Deep Tissue massage is not considered comfortable or relaxing, as it is designed to fix deep-seeded muscular issues.

A medical massage or sports massage may also be right for you.

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