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Prenatal Massage


Waya specializes in prenatal massage - and is one of the few therapists who has experience with delivery! Waya has actually delivered 5 babies over the course of his medical career, and places great value on the relaxation and comfort of mothers-to-be.

Prenatal massage is a wonderful accompaniment to a natural birth plan.

This is a gentle, noninvasive medical modality that offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, such as

- natural, safe, drug-free alternative for pain relief

- Insomnia

- assists in maintaining good posture and adjusting to a changing alignment caused by the baby’s increasing weight.

- Edema

- muscular discomforts

- heartburn/acid reflux

- shortness of breath

- interscapular pain

- constipation

- foot, leg, or hand discomforts

- pain in the lower back, pelvis, or hips

- circulatory issues/fluid retention/varicose veins

- Hypertension (high blood pressure)

- nerve impingement or pinching

- sciatica

- radiating aches and pains

- calms both mother and child


Prenatal massage may facilitate gestation by supporting cardiac function, placental and mammary development, and increasing cellular respiration. It can also reduce edema and high blood pressure as well as contribute to sympathetic nervous system sedation.

Due to consideration of fetal toxicity due to massage in the 1st Trimester, massage of arms and legs in first trimester is avoided (hands and feet are okay) to decrease risk of hypertoxicity. Second and third trimesters have no normal contraindications.

*If you schedule a prenatal massage appointment, it is assumed that you have been cleared for massage by your doctor.*

A combination of Prenatal and Relaxation Massage may be good for you.

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