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These are the products that we use and enjoy.

(These are affiliate links that will take you to Amazon.)


Kneipp Juniper Bath Oil

We love to use this oil in a warm bath to soothe aching muscles. It actually works! We even use it as a massage oil, and it is just as effective.

Fragrant and relaxing, we always keep Juniper by the bathtub.

If irritation occurs, rinse immediately.



This is an incredible product, and the core of our practice. It does not burn uncomfortably on the top of the skin (it's the only one we know of that won't). It continues to warm your deep muscles long after your massage.

Do not get on your face or in your eyes. Wash hands after every use.



We believe this is a must for people who frequently use repetitive motion that is hard on the joints. (knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders. Athletes and stairclimbers, walkers, yoga practitioners, and more.)

Do not apply over large areas (no more than half a page of paper), as it can make you feel chilled. Do not get on face or in eyes.

Wash hands after every use.


Kneipp Valerian and Hops Bath Oil

When used consistently before bed, it helps you to have a deeper sleep. It is strong, so don't overdo it. Light a candle and relax in a personal bedtime ritual.

Soak for at 15-20 minutes in a lukewarm/warm tub. (Too warm and you will sweat right into bed.)


Neck Massager

An invaluable tool for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain. This massager has a heat option, and can even be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter! It can also be used on your low back and calves.

 Guide your own massage by controlling the pressure and the location. The rotating heads change direction, and sometimes one direction is better than another!


Massage Mat

Excellent for when you have the full body aches or when your body is flat-out tired. Has a heat option. You can select an area to massage, and there is an auto-off for 30 minutes.

We recommend laying a small sheet over this mat before use. It will stay clean longer.

We also find it helps with restlessness at night!



A trigger point massager that you can use to work on difficult-to-reach spots, such as the neck, shoulders, and back. The TheraCane is cleverly designed so that you can massage yourself with minimal effort or hand discomfort.

You can brace this between your back and a wall or couch back for increased trigger point relief.


Arm and Leg Compression Massager

This compression massager is Inoli's absolute favorite. There are three levels of pressure and it is exceedingly strong.

These help with leg fatigue and aches, calf tightness, circulation, Plantar Fasciitis and Restless Leg Syndrome.

These have a 15 minute timer and you can recharge the remote for wireless operation.

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