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Swedish Massage

Medical Massage

A focus on medically diagnosed issued. Useful for TMJ disorder, strains/sprains, herniated discs, etc.

Also includes rehabilitative and post-operative therapy.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage


Massage treatment for mothers-to-be. Focused on relaxation, tension reduction, pain relief, and decreasing fluid retention.

All services include complimentary add ons if needed (or requested):

- Biofreeze

- Prossage

- Arnica

- Aromatherapy

- Hot towels

Prenatal Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

For those experiencing pain due to extreme muscle tension. Assists in relieving neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and chronic tightness


Relaxation Massage

A gentle, relaxing massage intended to relax the mind and body and encourage healing

Prenatal Massage

Sports Massage

A modality that improves athletic performance and speeds healing. Good for both pre and post workout.

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